13 Funny Names for Construction Companies and Businesses

The concept of building structure immediately gives us idea of the constructer. In fact no house or tower can stand without a builder. In olden times people normally used to design their houses without any plan just to make place for living. In Greece, construction was very civilized and afterwards Spanish and Mugal architects contributed many wonders in this world. Now these architects work for construction companies in organized way. There are constructors, engineers and project designers for work. All shopping plazas, commercial buildings, parks and model colonies are mange by different construction companies.


Business firms facilitate traders and provide services to the consumers. Mostly business is based on partnerships and some businessman used to do import and export individually but other prefer role of investor and sleeping partner. Both are equally loser and gainer of profits from investment. Some rules like liability, cooperation and honesty are the main pillars of business. Economic of the world has changed the trends of world business and trade. There many fields including real estate, services and finances have taken the place of old traditional style of business.


  1. Arcade attacks
  2. Hunted places
  3. Wit builders
  4. Sand houses
  5. Clay fort
  6. Fairy lands
  7. Tricky traders
  8. Free buyers
  9. Den of dangers
  10. Fool estates
  11. Tiddy estates
  12. Up and kicking
  13. Horrible constructors

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