Funny Professor, Scientist, Science and Medical Names

In simple words it is a rank for teachers who perform scholarly duties. They intellectuals and have competed examinations. They were professed duties to spread knowledge and researches; they handle different disciplines according to their subject or field. They have good position or ranks at universities. They address to seminars, handle departments and help new comers in research fields. A person having knowledge and required degree in field of science is called scientist. They have performed experiments and researches in their fields. Their work whether it is in medicine or in the technology is useful for human beings. They spend most of their time in research laboratories for introducing this world something new. Science has make life easier; scientists have great contributions in making it possible. Chemical changes and introduction of medicines for diseases take places with the study of science. Medical is the term for the study of medicine. For doctors medical is a study of human science. After study and practice they become professionals.


  1. James bond
  2. Prince speechless
  3. White board
  4. Mister molecule
  5. New Newton
  6. Wasp killer
  7. Pill hackers
  8. Anti pest
  9. Moth eaters
  10. Deadly docs

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