Funny Entertaining and Interesting Speech Topics for College Students

As college students are teenagers and always try to enjoy every moment of their study time with high enthusiasm, so they search moments for entertainment in every field. We all know, speech events are the most important part of extra-curricular activities in a college, so they are arranged on large scales means inter-colleges level. Here, only those colleges get success at such large forums that prepare their students at best level with proper training and very interesting topics. No doubt, the skill and presentation style of a speaker matters very much to win a prize. However, the most important condition to claim a speech, an award winning, is just that, it should be based on some very entertaining and interesting speech topic. More will be interesting the speech topic; more will be chances to get the prize. So if you are near to face such a speech competition event, here are some funny entertaining and interesting speech topics for college students.



1. How to be funny in front of an audience


2. Why we don't win the lottery.


3. How to photograph a puppy.


4. If I was my boss, then ...


5. Why men are proud of themselves.


6. Why should I clean my room each day?


7. How to drive someone crazy


8. Things to do at home when you are extremely bored


9. Happy puppies make humans happy.


10. Funny holidays in other countries.


11. Things you wouldn't know without watching films.


12. Insults from famous people.


13. Marriage advice.


14. Office work rules up side down.


15. What not to say to a police officer when pulled over?


16. Funny Guinness World Records ever set by humans.


17. Funny names to call your friends or family


18. Top 5 biggest lies ever told by women


19. Funny computer terms and phrases.


20. Excuses for every occasion.


21. Lawyers and the truth.


22. Shopping guide for a man


23. How to be a charming host at any event.


24. How to deny reality.


25. Excuses to use to get out of work and not get caught.

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