Funny Orc, Zombie, Tauren, Draenei, Ninja, and Roller Derby Names

Horrible, monster faced and fearful creatures are zombies. Their places are graveyards and mostly related to hundreds of years old corps. In cartoons and horrible movies these characters are used to create fearsome elements. They are usually in faces of witches and animated corpses. Tauren is a strange hero with tremendous qualities. It is a legendry story based on prediction by Tauren elders that one day Chieftain who is more powerful, will come. Draenei was a legendry character before the birth of titan. He was tall and pale and purple skin. It is now used in Pc games as heroic abilities. He fights with the rivals and defeat them. Ninja is associated with a particular style of Chinese fighting techniques. It gets popularity in action movies and kids cartoon series. Its major tact is from the martial arts. Roller derby is played between male and female couples. Five members from each team take part. The players use skates and guards to protect themselves.


  1. Wolf hangers
  2. Stingy tides
  3. Dark dreamers
  4. Insane war
  5. Mighty dragon
  6. Ninja Kins
  7. Gear grinds
  8. Pretty snaps
  9. Easy deeds
  10. Icy aims

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