10 Funny Poems about School

Children have a love-hate relationship with school. Some pupil likes to go to school, to have fun with their friends, to play and to learn. Some are not attracted towards the atmosphere of school. Funny poems about school related activities add charm and charisma and serves as a source of humor and wit for students of school. These sorts of poems are enjoyed by every child even if they have passed out. Funny school poems on boring school lessons, strict teachers, naughty school friends, cruel punishments and a lot more school related activities are perfect for kids and their parents to entertain them. If you are looking for funny school poems your search is over.


1) I was told by Mr. Applebee
(who teaches us geometry)
My answers needless symmetry
With students sitting next to me


2) Shrinking Teacher
I saw my last year’s teacher.
Had she shrunk an inch or two?
It took me time to figure,
She was no shorter;
I grew.


3) You can't make me go
I'll fight up a show
I'll scream and I'll shout
you know that I'll fight
try as you might
make me go to school!


4) Oh teacher, I fear that I misunderstood
Whether I should use well, or if I should use good.
If roses had noses then how would they smell?
Would they smell good or would they smell well?


5) Library Rules
No Eating, no Drinking
No Talking or Shouting
And The Last Golden Rule
No Reading Aloud!


6) Bad School Day
When I was at school
What was embarrassing
Was the day I called
The history teacher Dad


7) School Poem
Today I hurry off to school,
To work and learn and play
I'm in a brand new grade this year.
What a happy day!!!!!


8) Teacher's Pets
For lunch we ate the hot dogs,
That chased the copy cats,
That worried the spelling bee,
That they stuffed into the hot dogs,
That we ate for lunch.


9) Get up Sue - it’s back to school.
New term starts today.
You’ve shiny shoes,
your pens are new,
your friends are on their way.”


10) Something Amiss
Miss Pelling taught us English
She left some time ago
I think she was dyslexic
I am, sew I shood no!

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