4 Funny Friendship Poems for Girls

Friends are the best part of our life whether it is between girls or boys. Friendship and peer relations are very important to girls and they are usually protective towards their relations. Friendship between girls is different in the sense that they share the same feelings and emotions in different phases of life. Girls mostly have clear boundaries about their friends and to maintain their friendship they share secrets, don’t talk to people who speak bad about their friends and are also ready to take risks for their friends. When you are with your friends and want to get a good laugh than there is nothing better than funny poems to make your day. 


A Short Poets Tale
I've been called weak
I've been called a freak
But say that to my face
When you pass me in the street.


Boys make me laugh
Some are jerks, some are kind, some just stair behind.
Them and their friends laugh and blow things up,
But girls rather talk, and drink from a cup.


We will be friends
As long as stars twinkle in the sky
As long as angels are there up high
Till oceans run dry
And till the day ill die


True Friends
A memory last forever
Never does it die
True friends stay together
And never say goodbye

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