4 Funny Poems to Get Well Soon

Can you describe your feelings, when you hear that your loved one is suffering from any disease? Obviously, these feelings are much cruel for everyone. A person, who loves anyone, feels as much pain as his/her loved one feel in case of any mishap. We always want to share our heartiest feelings with those loved ones, who are suffering from any illness. The best way of sharing such feelings is not other than poetry. Poetry is the sole way that helps us to express our deeply feelings in front of anyone especially in case of some illness. The nature of poems about get well soon could be either like serious or funny. No doubt, serious get well soon poems are very effective. However, funny poems having messages about get well soon are a true source of happiness for that person, who is our most loved one. 


1. So sorry to hear you are ill and confined to home

It really is quite boring to be sat home alone

I hope it is not long until you are up on your feet

Having lots of outings and hitting those shopping streets


2. Get well, get well, whatever you have;

We miss your great charm and fine wit.

There’s plenty of time to be ill later on,

So let's see you back, well and fit!


3. Just take this opportunity

To get well and rest,

And then when you return to us

You’ll be your very best!


4. Being sick is no joke

Although your illness may appear funny to some folk

But I promise not to laugh at you 

Even though you cannot get your foot into your shoe

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