5 Funny Poems about Babies

The presence of babies in a family adds a lot of joy, love and color in our life. Whether it’s a baby boy or baby girl, their innocent acts make us smile, no matter how burdened you are with your frustrations. The notion of attachment with a baby is itself a very special feeling for all parents. They spend as much time as they can with their baby, they talk with them, try to teach them, supervise them and feel pleasure in their company. A baby is treated as the most special member of the family. If you also have a baby at your home and wants to enjoy some funny baby poems with your family, than we have it all to make your time more cheerful.


1) Girls wear pink
And baby boys blue
But both smell the same
After a poo


2) Precious Baby
A new family member has arrived,
Your darling, precious baby.
Your lives are filled with amazing love,
And sleep has become a "maybe!"


3) Everybody loves cuddly babies
They’re soft and chubby and cute
They arrive wrapped in love
Wearing nothing but a birthday suit


4) A cute baby girl
To cuddle and squeeze,
To pamper and play with
And bounce on your knees... 


5) My Sweet Little Angel
I look at you now, my sweet little angel,
and I cannot believe what I see.
You’re looking back, my sweet little angel,
looking back and smiling at me.

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