5 Funny Poems about Brothers and Brother in law

The time that you spend with your family is the most precious time. Every relation is equally important whether it is brother to brother relation or brother to sister relation. Siblings are a blessing; it makes your life pretty fantastic. Brother’s tease their sisters, they play with them, fight with them but at the same time they love each other the most. The relation with brother-in-law is a little complicated and naughty as well. This fun can be doubled by sharing funny poems about your brother and brother-in-law. If you are looking for such poems, we have it all for you.


1) My Brother is crazy
My Brother is nuts
Sometimes I want to grab him and choke him till' he goes nuts
but even than surely without him
I will nor be the same


2) When you speak I listen
It’s always been that way
But when I speak you don’t hear
A single word I say
That’s how brother-in-law you behave


BROTHER give you headache
they make sister sick
there silly, there cool
Oh well that’s my brother


4) Hey brother-in –law
Our families are precious
In life they are the best part
So don’t do and say things
That upset the cart


5) My Brother
my brother make me feel good
my brother make me feel mad
my brother make my life miserable,
but I still like him however he is my brother

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