5 Funny Poems about Children

The members of family requiring greater attention and supervision are the children of a family. Some are naughty, some are cute, some are obedient and some are trouble makers. Some children just ignore the scolding of their parents and keep themselves busy in creating mess and doing different things. They are always experimenting and testing their new environment and the objects around. In short they are the little scientists from the time they are born and this is how young mind emerge. There life is full of fun and excitement. We have some funny poems about the funny acts of children that will make you laugh.



1) Naughty Amelia Jane
Amelia Jane from Meadow Lane,
Microwaved the cat again,
Put her knickers in the tea,
Filled the kettle with her pee.


The park is very great and green
And full of many things unseen
Swings that come swinging and knock off your head
Germs in the fountain that kill you quite dead
And lots of wild children who like to throw sand


3) If I were the color blue,
I'd sing sad songs for you.
If I were the color yellow,
I'd be a happy fellow.


4) The Goat Boy
Joseph was a tiresome boy
Who ate a small metallic toy,
And told his Mum he was a goat
While munching on her overcoat.


5) His Fish
Gold fish, red fish
Swimming all around
Gold fish, red fish
Never make a sound.

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