5 Funny Poems about Football and Soccer

You might have played football and soccer in your home, school or college. Playing with a ball, moving it here and there and trying to grab your control over it can be great fun. Whether it is a football or a soccer match, the level of excitement is equal when you are playing a match and wants to beat your opponents. Watching a football or a soccer match on your television is equally exciting and thrilling for sports lovers. Fun is on when you are with your friends, playing your favorite game and trying to win it by hook or crook. If you are a football and soccer lover an searching for funny poems about your favorite sports, we have a collection that will fill your thrill and excitement with laughter.


1)  I love to play football when its really sunny,
I love to kick a ball on my own in the day,
I love to play football when were all in the park,
Cause every day I go home I play with the ball


what is this game called soccer
it's nothing like Aussie rules
players only use head and feet
if handle ball, treated like fools


3) As we fell as grow up we love to kick a ball,
Not at all like girls who like to play with dolls,
Football is a great sport that most fell as love,
Others that don’t play it watch it in the pub,


A goal is when the ball hits the back of the net,
Sets the crowd loose, lets them scream in joy,
Finally let go what they've been holding in all game,
The player is tackled by his teammates, going crazy,


5) I go to the park everyday,
for 90 minutes of football to play,
I like to here the fans shout,
as they watch me kick the ball about

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