5 Funny Poems about Girls

Pony tale with a pink band, trousers with a frilly gown and a smile on her face is how girls really are. Playing with Barbie dolls, indoor games and giving a helping hand to their mothers are common interests of girls. They are also very keen and conscious about there looks and dressing. Barbie hairstyles and dresses are a source of inspiration for most of the girls. Every girl wants to look prettier than the other. Girls are very sensitive towards their relations including their family and friends. Nothing is more exciting than gossiping and sharing their secrets with their friends. Picking up these notions, we have a collection of funny girly poems that will make your time more joyous.



1) Pretty Girl
Pretty girl, who is to blame
Frightened girl, they don’t know her name
Saddened girl, who cries at night
Distant girl, who’s out of sight


2) Girls!
They protect you!
Mind you, correct you!
In ways you never thought of,
They enslave you, caress you!

3) The girl and the guy
Guy meets girl
girl likes guy
guy loves girl
girl hates guy


4) Yea I’m a girl but
I wouldn't like to be a nun
They never seem to have much fun
But always go to church or school
And wear black dresses as a rule.


5) The Girl of my Dreams
I met the girl of my dreams
I held her, I love her, but that wasn’t a dream
She made me feel so special inside
Now I feel like a failure inside

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