5 Funny Poems about Hunting and Fishing

Fishing and hunting are the hobbies that require a lot of patience. If you area fishing and hunting lover, you need to be a bit lucky to catch your prey. Hook with a warm, deep down in the water, if moves a bit can bring a smile of victory on your face. And if not than it is not wrong to say that today the fish was luckier than you. Stepping forward carefully and slowly with a fully loaded gun can be more exciting if you see a deer from the bushes. Nothing is more delicious for a hunter than to enjoy his prey in dinner. To keep the fun on, we have a collection of funny hunting and fishing poems which you can share and enjoy.



1) Hunting season is coming up
And deer is your main prey
Wear bright colors, so you wont get stuck
Taking your life away


2) I like fishing, fishing is fun
Fishing underneath the rising sun
I like catching the fish and putting them in a net
Fish is a great dish when the table is set


3) Fox
I rush through the trees
I hear them hunting me
from them i flee
Is this the end of me?


4) The Fishing Poem
Fishing in the moonlight or fishing in the sun;
Fishing for the big ones is fun, fun, fun.
Catching the small ones or none at all,
It’s a great sport to get on the ball.


5) I love to go fishing everyday,
To the river or the lake.
Up in the morning without delay,
I go fishing soon as I wake.


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