5 Funny Poems about Kids

Childhood is the best time of making children learns from the things around. Kids seek and enjoy all the physical and mental exercises. If learning is made fun for them than instead of avoiding it they become more curious and show greater interest. Kids learn a lot when they play whether it is independent or with their parents or even with their friends. They solve their problems and conflicts more easily and create a self-expression. Some kids are quite and calm but some are sharper and trouble makers. Focusing these different cute attitudes of kids we have some funny poems that will enjoy reading.


1) Horace McDougal was a terrible boy,
Who broke his little brother’s toy,
He teased the dog and taunted the cat,
And they say he even roasted a rat!


Mister Moon watches me with his big bright eye
Ands follows me wherever I go - Hello, Mister Moon! Hello!
Of all the children that he can see
Why does he choose to follow me?
Good night, Mister Moon! Good night!


I've got new red sneakers on
I'm going to run from here to Babylon
I'm going to jump right up to the moon
And if I come back it won't be soon.


Halloween is scary
I love it very much
The children all disguise themselves
As witches, ghosts, and princesses


5) Trouble Kid
This child will pull your hair
And make you trip upon the stair;
He also makes a lot of noise
And smash up other people's toys.

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