5 Funny Poems about Math

Playing with numbers, triangle, square, geometry, algebra and many more difficulties comes in your mind when you think of maths.  This subject is more technical than theoretical. This is the reason that some students perform very easily but others find it really difficult and boring. Math’s is important in our everyday life. When you go out for shopping, grocery or dinner, you need to check the balance out of the bill paid, counting and paying, collecting and counting the number of items; hence everywhere you need help of maths. And if you do a little mistake in your calculation that can actually upset your budget. Looking up on all these funny aspects you can read and enjoy our collection of poems on maths.



1) I got a new dog,
Named him Addition,
And now I'm in,
An awkward position...


2) Odd-Even
Zero, two, four, six, eight
Being even is just great.
One, three, five, seven, nine
Being odd is just fine.


3) Geometry
Gives us all our shapes...
Circles, squares, polygons,
Shapes of cold green grapes!!!
Shapes of apes, and apes, and apes,


4) Everyone knows,
Triangle's a bully,
Beats down the squares,
Completely and fully...


5) Never less, Never more!
That's the square,
Has 4-sides,
No matter where,
It runs or hides!

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