5 Funny Poems about Nursing and Nurses

The profession of nursing is very noble in the field of medicine. The role of nurses is equally important as of doctors. Doctors treat their patients whereas nurses provide a helping hand to both patients and doctors. Nurses with a smile and a caring hand look after their patients on hourly basis, supervise their checkups and medicine and so, it creates a bond between a nurse and a patient. Sometimes this bond of care transforms into friendship. When you are sick and you feel a friend around what could be better than that. Creating fun out of this serious profession, we have some funny poems on nursing and nurses that can give you a good laugh.



1)  A nurse's job goes on and on,
Doing tasks from dusk to dawn.
There's mess, there's records, and requests to write,
Running tests all day and night.


2) The night nurse had just checked
Each patient with care
And found them all sleeping
And comfortable there.


3) My dearest dream, my fondest wish -
That my next nurse be speaking English!
Through ten long hours, no how, no way,
Couldn't understand a word she'd say.


4) The night nurse was furious
And glared as she hissed,
"You can't come in here
And disturb things like this!"


5) My nurse is fully six foot three,
No mother in compassion he,
But "mother’s what I call him when
He treads on my damn oxygen!

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