5 Funny Poems about Spring and Summer

Spring and summer season is full of blooming flowers, tempting fruits and vegetables, churning of colorful birds, water fountains and a lot many other attractions. It is the time to celebrate and enjoy festivals with our family and friends. The greatest attraction for children is to enjoy family trips along the beach side, diving in the water and having a hilarious water ride. Poems can be a best way to portray the beauty of this season. You can add more fun and laughter to your celebrations by reading and sharing funny poems about spring and summer with your family and friends.



1) Springtime is here, let’s paint our toes.
And put away our winter clothes.
It’s time for sandals and breezy skirts,
Bathing suits and sleeveless shirts.


2) Here comes summer
Chirping Robins, budding roses
Gentle showers, summer clothes
Whoosh-shiver there it goes.


3) Spring
Its spring its spring
Oh I just can’t wait
To find fruits on the vases
And flowers on my plate


4) The summer sun in the sky,
Shining, shining up so high
Makes it warm for outside fun.
To play at the park and run


5) The season of spring
Weather seems to sing
Lovely lovely days
Are coming our ways

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