6 Funny Poems to Give You the Giggles

When you are really happy or you hear or see something unexpected that makes you laugh, that laughter of yours is called giggle. A bubbly, chewy way of laughter! We laugh in this way when we are told some joke. Such jokes are that funny that you burst out into laughter. Generally, this sort of laughter is associated with small children, we they are amused they laugh with a voice. This laughter is called giggle. An American author once said that she could give anything away in return of one and only one laughter of a child. In adults this laughter is caused usually by jokes. Such jokes are usually short and if you want to be good to others, it is somehow required for you to know such jokes. If you see someone sad around you, you can just make him/her giggle with the help of these jokes.


1. Mary had a little mouse.

Its fur was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went

The mouse was sure to go.


2. I fell asleep in class today,

as I was awfully bored.

I laid my head upon my desk

and closed my eyes and snored. 


3. Lovely teacher, lovely teacher

eyes of periwinkle blue.

You are such a pretty creature,

and I’m so in love with you.


4. It’s finally Friday, I’m so glad.

It’s been a crazy week.

I got chewed out on Monday, 

and since then it’s all been bleak.


5. Don’t eat school lunches

not even a lick.

They might make you nauseous.

They might make you sick.


6. A candy bar. 

A piece of cake.

A lollipop.

A chocolate shake.

A jelly donut.

Chocolate chips.

Some gummi worms

and licorice whips.

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