Famous Funny Poems for Teenagers

Make someone laugh is always considered an art. A person, who want to be a comedian or want to make people smile, should have a good sense of humor. There may be different ways, which are used to describe some funny literature or some kind of jokes. Usually jokes are told and listen to have some fun. But there is another thing, which is also used to make someone smile in a different way. It is funny poem. Funny poems are also used for this purpose. Poem is a very sweet way to describe your feelings either, it is a funny poem or any other type. Teenage is very beautiful phase of life. Either it is boy or girl, both have some most remarkable and charming moments of their life in teenage. They go to colleges or universities and there they have many friends also. They have many fascinating thoughts which are very important for them.



1. I never thought we’d disagree

on anatomy or chemistry.

That was until you made the mistake

of choosing that cold, sparkly fake.



2. How could you join the vampire side?

When werewolves are best, it can’t be denied!

Team Edward or Team Jacob you had to select.

But you chose wrong and now our friendship’s wrecked.



3. Until you are ready to rescind your poor choice,

I will not abide the grating sound of your voice.

I miss you dear friend, of that I won’t lie.

But I’ve chosen Team Jacob, so this is goodbye.



4. I can not believe I have to go

to prom with my own cousin Joe.

But no one else asked me to be

their date for this dance spree.



5. I have the dress, I have the shoes.

But I wish my date I could refuse.

I suppose it’s better to go with him,

than to walk alone in to that gym.

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