Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poems

Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poems is a term that is used for those children poems that are really funny and hilarious in nature with simple meanings and soft touch. In fact, the term “Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poems” was introduced in United States for the first time, but later this terms became famous all over the world not only among children, but for adults as well who want to read some funny stuff in poetry form. Today, lots of poetry sites are full of such Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poems, but not all those are really hilarious and interesting. If you have become tired in searching of some really interesting Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poems and have become disappoint in searching some great collection of these poems, then this is the right place for you. I am sure that you will really amuse after reading my collection about Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poems that I have gathered just for you.



1. In a pot in my garden

By the pond with the fishes

Is a flower that seems to like

Spreading lots of wishes.

I came across it yesterday

I'd not seen it there before

And now I wonder how it got here

Where people can't ignore.


2. I've heard it said by many around,

That the moon is made of cheese they found.

It's mined by little spacemen mice,

Who sell it for a handsome price.

The cheese we eat all comes from there,

From cheddar valleys beyond compare.

And in the rivers of Wensleydale,

The mice scoop cheese in metal pails.


3. Bumbleraffes and small Squiroose,

The Hipponoceros is loose!

The Babooeetah's running wild,

The Pandelot is looking riled!

Salaphants and sleepy Froat,

The Doladillo's in a boat!

The Carigators stalk around,

The Kangarat is much renowned!

Otterunks and Jagupus,

The Scorpiark I cannot suss!

My wonder zoo has no known match,

But it's not real, now that's the catch!


4. His growl just didn't sound right,

I really was perplexed.

Why monsters feel they need to,

Grunt and strain and stress!

They should just try relaxing,

And let their feelings show.

But this monster felt he had to,

Huff and puff and blow!


5. Slimy and slippery,

Snails are such fun.

Slowly they move,

They can't even run!

Leaving their trail

Behind as they go.

You can see where they've been

And how very slow.


6. I stuck a sticker on my nose,

And now it won't come off!

The sticky glue won't let it move,

Not even when I cough!

I've tried to pull the sticker hard,

But cannot make it budge!

So now the sticker interferes,

And stops me eating fudge!


7. Tick tock, tick tock

Goes the old grandfather clock

Tick tock, tick tock

It never ever ever stops.

Swing swing, swing swing

It really is a wondrous thing

Swing swing, swing swing

I'm waiting for the clock to ting.

Ding dong, ding dong

Now it plays its little song

Ding dong, ding dong

Every hour all day long.

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