Funny Birthday Poems

Some occasions come in the life of a person, which he or she wishes to celebrate whenever they find some free time. Sometime they make these occasions so remember able, that they become a forever memory of their life. Birthday is one of the most beautiful occasion from them, which comes once in a year and everyone wants to celebrate it with great fun. It is a lovely celebration, which provides a chance to your family members or friends to celebrate a moment for you.  Usually birthday is an event of friends. They celebrate it in many ways. Friends can make your birthday remarkable. They celebrate in a special manner, and enjoy this event lively. There are many beautiful poems dedicated to the birthday boy or girl. They birthday poems are of various types. Some are of serious natures which are dedicated to family members or any elder person. But there are many funny birthday poems, which makes your birthday more beautiful. 




1. Comes around just once each year,

Creates a stunning atmosphere.

A heated party, beginning till end,

The place to be is Disneyland.



2. Ageless wonder, since birth we have known,

Temperature rising, statistics have shown.

Share your birthday with Summer our dear,

Through thoughtful actions protect our blue sphere.



3. Enjoyment and smiles, plentiful and ripe,

Abundant activities, deserving the hype.

Waters edges, they all seem to swarm,

Sandy days, with Sunny and Warm.



4. She barbeques delicious sirloin.

Do not upset her, she’ll send in the rain,

Random weather cannot explain.

A birthday should always be a joyous occasion,

Family and friends; obvious invasion.

Duplicate gifts, you don’t even like,

If you complain, might get a strike.



5. At such a wise age, everything seems so clear,

Excuse to celebrate, they all came for beer.

Deep down inside, you know that they care,

Your Zoo is unique, normal is rare.



6. Visions appear of colorful balloons,

In the background, I hear those fine tunes.

Near the end of the dream, I can taste a delicious cake,

It must be your birthday, as I awake.

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