Funny Car Poems

In present age, car has become a necessity of everyone. Without a car, it is hard to lead a prosperous life as well as to maintain status in the society. There was a time, when car was considered a luxury. Well, this concept has become changed very much. Now, keeping a car is nothing, but a need. However, the concept of luxury life by keeping a car is still p[resent but in some different manner. Today, almost all car manufacturers make different models of their cars that vary from each others in terms of design, facilities and look. There is a simple thing; more will be luxurious the car, more will be its price. One more funny behavior of people about cars has been seen everywhere. People keep their cars as their child that is obvious with love and care of people with their cars. If you also love with your car, here are some funny poems about cars just for you.



1. Now happy they are

They do not have a car.

Or they'd have the sorrow

the car was so narrow.

The car was so cheap

the color was so deep.

Model was so old

inside was not cold.


2. A car without headlights

On a damp Foggy Day

Nearly hit my bumper

At the stop sign down the way

On a damp Foggy day

Mist hanging heavy in the air

At a stop sign down the way

A Car passed on the right…


3. Rattle, hum, hiss, bang,

This car has got to go!

It really is quite sick,

It huffs and puffs and blows!

Crackle, whizz, cough, wheeze,

I think it's going to stop!

We've just gone round a corner

And the engine fell right off!


4. Tinkle, Tinkle little car

How I wonder what you are.

Leaking oil every day

Having it your own way.

Going up hills real slow

I don't want you any mo'.

Tinkle, Tinkle little car

Boy, what a lemon you are.


5. A car is a car

If it can ride you nearby or far

A car is a car

When it gets you in time to the bar

A car is a car

When you are addressed as Madam or Sir


6. Like the car he drives,

He will pass you in the fast lane of life,

Like the blaring music from his car,

He loves life and a good joke,

Like the roaring engine of his car,

His temper will take off like a racer to the finish line…

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