Funny Cheer up Poems

There is a common saying that “To cheer up a crying person is the most valuable gift for him”. Yes, it is true. When we see any person in trouble, we must try to cheer up it. There could be various ways to show sympathy with a person, who is facing some problem and looking much worries. At first, we should spare some time for it and sit with it. After that, we should try to inquire about it reason behind its worry in a gentle way. Now the time come to make it cheer up by some hilarious means. I think, the best way to cheer up someone is singing some funny buy short poems in front of it. Jokes could also be an effective way to cheer up the worried person, but poems are meaningful and more effective than jokes to drag someone from its worried condition. Here are some funny cheer up poems.



1. I never knew about happiness;

I didn’t think dreams came true;

I couldn’t believe in love,

Until I finally met you.


2. A smile is cheer from you to me,

the cost is nothing its given for free.

They console the weary and gladden the sad.

And can make someone happy when they are mad.


3. Something about you that I truly admire,

Words from your mouth often inspire.

Glass is half-full, you clearly see,

Your positivity brings joy to me.

You're a combination of special and rare,

So many talents, with the world you may share.

Just the way you make others feel,

Is so wonderful, it's simply so real.


4. There are many things you routinely do,

Where your competition is very few.

Sweat and years, you had to suffer,

We always knew, you were tougher.

Every obstacle you managed to defeat,

Share your journey's through a Tweet!


5. I'll be there

I'll be there

I'll be there when you're crying

I'll be there when you're smiling

I'll be there when you're happy

I'll be there when you're down

You'll be down no more.


6. My heart is reaching out to you,

For what you’re going through;

I’m thinking of you frequently

And praying for you, too.

If there’s something I can do,

Anything at all,

Think of me thinking of you,

And don’t hesitate to call.


7. My deepest sympathy,

I wish to express.

I'm here for you,

during your distress.

You and your family,

share a pain that is deep.

I feel so sad,

watching you weep.

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