Funny Cooking Poems

Eating delicious food is the passion of every person. However, cooking delicious food is not the art of every person. There is a famous saying about cooking that “Cooking is nothing, but God gifted art”. Well, all this is right, but good cooking is not an ordinary thing or easy art. A proper guidance either by joining cooking classes or by assisting some professional cook is very necessary to become an excellent chef. After getting some detailed knowledge about cooking, the step comes to get some skill by continuing practice. Experience is the key to get success in any field. Same is right for cooking. To become a professional chef, it is mandatory to get skill in excellent manner. There are lots of ways to cook even same thing and sometimes people do many funny mistakes in cooking. Here are some funny poems about cooking that I have collected just for you and your friends as well. 



1. I love food, I love food

It makes me feel really good

Yummy and nutritious food

Keeps me in a superb mood.


2. Food food food

All are here for food

All evolve from food

All act for food

All think about food.

All know no food

No existence.


3. We eat to live

that's how we grow

We eat to be active

that's how we exercise

We eat to be alive

that's how were hyper

If we never had food

we won't we alive.


4. O Food, your glory is so great,

Strength of limbs you generate.

It should be of our own choice,

Or with guileless friends rejoice.

O delicious, sweet luscious food,

Come; see all health it includes.


5. Snacks is Not food...

But you Eat food

Some of snacks...

Healthy good...

Take food

At snacks level

Avoid snacks

With any time...

Snacks is your

Anymey of food...

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