Funny Dinosaur, Monkey, Cow and Pet Poems

Animals are oldest creatures of our planet after plants and their existence is valid much before the presence of human beings on the planet earth. Dinosaurs are considered the oldest forms of animals on the earth. Many fossils have been found in the earth crust that reveal their appurtenance, body structure, their time of presence on earth and their habits as well. Today, dinosaurs have become extinct millions of years ago and all other animals are much different from dinosaurs in terms of appearance, body structure and habits. Monkey, cow and many other animals that we can keep in our homes as pet animals are now the beauty of our earth. Well to appreciate the beauty and benefits of these pet animals, many authors and poets have done much appraisable work. Here is the reflection of such great work in the form of funny poems about dinosaurs, monkeys and other pet animals written by famous poets.



1. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs,

Where have you been?

I've only seen you

In books that you're in.

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs,

Why aren't you here?

I want to know what

Made you all diasappear!


2. There once was a monkey in a city’s zoo,

who dreamed of the outside sun.

He did like hitting kids with poo,

but he felt that that’s been done.

That poor monkey needed cash

to afford his exotic meals.

But his stomach led him to the trash,

where he ate a cube of butter and apple peels.


3. My dog ate my homework.

That mischievous pup

got hold of my homework

and gobbled it up.

My dog ate my homework.

It's gonna be late.

I guess that the teacher

will just have to wait.

My dog ate my homework.

He swallowed it whole.

I shouldn't have mixed it

with food in his bowl.


4. A huge obnoxious dinosaur,

Just barged its way through our front door!

It didn't knock or ring the bell,

Just crashed right in to where we dwell!

It snarled and snorted 'cross the hall,

Stood on (and burst!) my brand new ball.


5. Cows are cute,

Cows are fun,

Cow babies are a beauty'

and I laugh when then toot,

from out their little buns.


6.  My cat goes flying through the air

from over here to over there.

He lands and runs right back, and then

goes flying through the air again.

I didn't used to see him fly,

like Superkitty, through the sky.

He used to only lie around

upon my bed or on the ground.


7. Oh I want to be a great big dinosaur,

That is what I really want to be!

For if I were a great big dinosaur,

Everyone would run away from me. . .


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