Funny Halloween Poems

Halloween is the annual festival that comes every year on 31th October. You can say that this holy event is celebrated in all parts of the globe during the same date and you know, it is the night that comes before “All Saint’s Day”. Well, it is one of only a few festivals that are celebrated in all countries without any distinction of culture, religion, race or age. In Halloween festival, many types of sports activities, food items and haunted things become the source of attraction for people. People love this event so much that that like everything about it and always want to talk about it. A lot of work has been done in written form to show the joys of Halloween festival. This written work could be poems, jokes, quotes, trivia and much more. If you are one of the lovers of Halloween and want to read some funny stuff about it, just read the Halloween poems in the following lines.


1. There once was a witch on a broom,

Who flew by the light of the moon.

But she took a wrong turn,

Just outside Bern,

And missed Halloween, the buffoon!


2. I sit counting the minutes

Am I the only one?

Who just can’t wait

Till Halloween is done.         


3. Little monsters in costumes

Looking for candy treats

Terrorizing the neighbors

All along the street.


4. At Halloween

Does the goth teen

Wear a paisley shirt

Or a floral skirt

So as not to conform

To the accepted norm?


5. Haloween night is sure to give you a fright.

All the ghouls and monsters are in sight.

One by one they go up the stairs.

Freaky and disturbing they give you nightmares.


6. Have you got money for the Halloween.

If you haven't money sweets will do.

If you haven't got sweets.



7. The witches fly

Across the sky

The owls go, "Who? Who? Who?"

The black cats yowl

And green ghosts howl

"Scary Halloween to you!


8. Halloween is here,

Lets all shout and cheer.

You'll see vampires and witches,

Everybody will have the twitches.

Halloween is here,

Lets all shout and cheer.

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