Funny Inspirational Poems for Children Kids

Kids are no doubt, very innocent and beautiful persons. Everyone in this world likes the children. They are like angels. Some kids are really very innocent and they act upon everything ask to them. They understand the things around them and they do not want any type of special care and concentration for their selves. But some kids are very rude and dull. They require special care and attention. They need some kind of inspiration to do anything. Any kind of source of inspiration is very necessary for the development of the mind of kids. They pick quickly things from their surroundings. Poems are very attractive to kids. They are often very fond of listen the poems, especially funny and inspirational poems attracts the kids very much. They love to listen and also learn many things from them. If the poem is funny and inspirational too, then kids like them and also want to learn.



1. Queen of my tub, I merrily sing,

While the white foam raises high

And sturdily wash, and rinse, and wring,

 And fasten the clothes to dry; 

Then out in the free fresh air they swing,

under the sunny sky.



2. You can have your wealth and riches

All the things so many seek,

Position, power, and success,

The fame you long to keep.



3. Is the greatest gift from heaven,

Little arms that hold you tight,

And a kiss so soft and gentle

When you tuck them in at night.



4. A million precious questions

And each story often read,

Two eyes so bright and smiling,

And a darling tousled head.



5. A child to hold and cuddle,

'This a gift from God above,

And the world is so much brighter

When you have a child to love.



6. God has never matched the goodness

Of a trusting little face,

Or a heart so full of laughter

Spreading sunshine every place.

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