Funny Poem Ideas and Topics

It is the reality that doing poetry is such a natural ability in most cases. However, it does not mean that all poets are born with this natural power to write poems. There are lots of examples in front of us where we found many such poets that become poet after a great struggle and they really a great work in this field. The only thing that is required to write poems and become a good poet is the passion and utmost desire to do some notable work in the field of literature. So if you have deep interst in reading the poetry and also want to become a famous poet as well, then my suggestion is to start work with some funny poetry. The reason is that, this is the easiest way of start writing poems and a good way to become a famous poet in the future. So, here are some funny poems ideas and topics just for your better assistance and help.



1.            Poop

2.            The Toaster

3.            The Bathtub

4.            Toilets

5.            Your Pet

6.            Restrooms

7.            A Dog

8.            Homework

9.            Basketball

10.          Excuses for Missing School

11.          The Teacher

12.          The Hungry Elephant

13.          Naughty Cat

14.          My hobby

15.          My Neighbor

16.          Politics

17.          Thirsty Crow

18.          My Friends

19.          First Day At School

20.          Holiday


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