7 Funny Poems for Elocution Pieces Passages Topics

People try to look different and unique by using different style than others and for this reason they adopt many things. Some of them are weird and are not commonly seen but some are unusual and people cross the limits by doing some dangerous things just in order to get attention. In the world of literature, similarly people like to get attention to get good marks or to sell their books or for any other reason. There are people who use different quotes and other thing to attract readers but a unique way to grab the attention of the readers is by writing funny poems. The rhythm of the poem and its flow give it a special place and importance to be used as the tool of attraction and is very effective if one is seeking for the attention of the people.



1. When I'm an old lady, I'll live with each kid,

and bring so much happiness, just as they did.

I want to pay back all the joy they've provided.

Returning each deed! Oh, they'll be so excited!


2. Running, running, here I go

To catch my tail but I'm so slow

And lagging, dragging, my behind

To try to catch up with my mind.


3. I have a question 

for you

'cause I want to 

see things clear.

If a doctor ate 

an apple a day

would it make

him disappear?


4. "Boo! Boo Hoo!",

Cried the ghost with the most.

No one comes to visit me,

Though I'm the perfect host.


5.  When I die, don't look at me

And say she looks at peace,

For in my grave, I'll toss and turn

Until you come to me.


6. Escaped from the pan

and flew across the kitchen

like Superman.


It ping-ponged back and forth

between the oven and the freezer.

Then it shot up to the ceiling

like a daredevil trapeezer.


7. If I were the color blue,

I'd sing sad songs for you.


If I were the color yellow,

I'd be a happy fellow.


If I were the color red

I'd look like me when I bled.

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