Funny Poems for Greeting Cards

What is the purpose of buying a greeting card for someone else? Of course, everybody knows well that greeting card is the best way of expressing our warm wishes for some loving person. Greeting cards are of various types. For every occasion, different types of greeting cards with many warm and lovely wishes are available in the market everywhere. For example, at the occasion of Christmas or even for our personal events like birthdays and anniversaries, greeting cards are available in every color and beautiful designs. It is fact that we cannot say everything verbally even we have deep love for someone in our heart. A natural shyness comes in front of people, when they want to express their lovely feelings for someone. Greeting cards have resolved this matter in pretty good way. Here are some very beautiful, short and funny poems that you can write on your greeting card to pay warm wishes to your loved one.



1. Inside every older person.

is a young person.

wondering what the hell happened !

Happy Birthday,


2. Christmas is a time

for cheer,

With family and friends,

that are close and dear.

A time to celebrate,

listen, and talk,

Enjoy the festivities,

and go for a walk.


3. A birthday should always be a joyous occasion,

Family and friends; obvious invasion.

Duplicate gifts, you don’t even like,

If you complain, might get a strike.


4. I'm so grateful,

for a mother like you,

Thank you for loving me,

for I love you too.

I know you'd walk,

a thousand miles,

Just to fill,

my life with some smiles.


5. Each birthday wish

I've ever made

Really does come true

Each year I wish

I'll grow some more

And every year.


6. A father like you,

I'm so grateful for,

The love that we share,

I shall never ignore.

You've always been there,

guided my way,

You encouraged me,

with the words that you'd say.


7. Happy anniversary,

precious wife of mine,

If beauty had a symbol,

you'd be its sign.

Remember the moment,

when we kissed and I carried.

My life found its purpose,

the day that we married.

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