6 Funny Poems to Girl Boy Friend Sister Brother Cousin Loved One

After gifts Poems are the best way to show your love to your loved ones. They can convey our message in a much better way than any other thing or our words could do. This is the reason why these poems are used instead of one’s own words. These poems could also be used when someone is being reluctant or hesitant in sharing own feelings, so in this situation these poems could be used. There are several poems written on different relations that reflect one’s love, affection and care for these relations like: sister, brother, friend, cousin or any other loved one. If these poems are in funny context then sharing of these poems can be a matter of great fun. These poems can be about relations. You can send these funny poems to your friends, your family or other loved ones to convey your feelings.


1. The streets were scanned

And choppers were shot, 

But they bothered no clue,

And one is dead, the other hanged,

I know the third is you. 


2. Your smile in a general

My heart is a soldier


3. You couldn’t choose me as your sis

 But I’m glad you chose me as your friend

You see this has become today’s trend


4. If we lose a pen we can buy another one

But if we lose a pen cap we can’t buy another one

This why I take care of you my friend

(From where can I buy something small like you)


5. I have to run, I have to sing for you

I have to be a good friend of you

O my dear cousin where are you

I have something horrible to show you


6. Did you know your snoring could awaken the dead?

 Or perhaps it could be used to saw logs instead

 Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is no longer mine.

 To a lifetime of constant yawning, I have been resigned.

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