6 Funny Poems to Grandma Grandpa Grandparents Granddad

Our grandparents are no doubt the best and most caring relation in the world. They love us, they care for us and they always find a chance to see us. When they meet us they are pleased and when we don't see them often they still pray for us. After our parents these are the best people who do not want anything from us in return. Many times we do not give them reward in return but they still give us their love and care without any expectations from us. This is the best thing about this relation. It is also said for the relation of grandparents and grand children that our grandparents can love us more than our parents do, because obviously profit is more desired and loveable than the actual investment. This beautiful relation is expressed in different ways one of them is funny poems.


1. The grandparent advantage

As some of you may know

Is when a tantrum starts

You can just get up and go.


2. Grandma's high heels and Daddy's oxfords

Big brother's boots. What a granddaughter!

The only shoes that she won't wear

Are the ones her Mommy bought her


3. Grandma's got egg on her face

Oatmeal smeared on her arms

Somehow it just seems

to enhance her charms. 


4. Whenever Grandma frosts a cake,

it splits and kind of breaks.

Thank goodness Grandma likes to take

me out for chocolate shakes.


5. Grandpa used to shave each day,

but now he's grown a beard.

It's long and scraggly, gray and white.

I think it's kind of weird.


6. My grandma wants to strangle grandpa,

but we know how to save her.

Tomorrow is his birthday, and

our dad bought him a shaver.

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