4 Funny Poems for Husbands, Wives on Anniversaries, Birthdays

There are many relations who are important for human beings and they care about them a lot but there are some relations which have no substitute and have a greater place in the heart of a person. One of such a relation is the relation of husband and wife. These both persons are like the wheels of the car that make the car of the family move smoothly on the road of life and always sport each other in hard times and difficult situations. They always back up each other and are very touchy about each other’s health. They care for each other and understand each other best. They always tend to congratulate different events of their life in a unique way so that their love will flourish more and the bond between them becomes stronger. Here are few poems which can be used to wish anniversaries and birthdays and must be liked by the couple.



1. I had walked through life with nothing until you

Until you I knew no pleasure

and then one day God sent you to me

To the eye so beautiful, you

 My wife, my treasure


2. Dearest Husband,

 not one moment is special without you,

When you are not around me,

 I'm always sad and blue.

Happy Birthday to you, my beloved,

May your life always shine, be happy and pleasant.


3. On your birthday, let me

Tell you a story of a group of three.

Good friends they were,

Who enjoyed it all, if only it was for free.


Hung out with some, 

Waved along to most, 

But failed to befriend any.


4. Comes around just once each year,

Creates a stunning atmosphere.

A heated party, beginning till end,

The place to be is Disneyland.

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