Funny Poems on Exams

Student life is the undoubtedly, the most pretty time of anyone’s life. This is the time, in which a person not only enjoys its life in a full manner and but also prepare itself for future life. However, beside enjoyment, there are some moments come in the life of students several times that become a source of tension and worry for them. I think you have got my point. Yes, I am talking about the period of examinations. All we know that exams come every year in our student life and this is the only way of evaluation that what a student has got during whole year of his degree going on. There are many funny quotes and poems written by famous authors and authors about exam days. if you want to make this boring moment just chill and want to become free from all worries of exam time, just look at these funny poems on exam.



1. Sitting In Examination Hall

Opening The sheet

Memorizing The Answer

And Writing It Without Seeing…  


2. Lovely days in my life,

Childhood days,

School days & collage days,

Horrible days in my life : Exam days..

Good Luck Exam Wishes.


3. Start each day with a surprise quiz.

Don’t dismiss the class for recess

until you’ve finished the lesson

you’re working on.

At the end of the day, hand out a huge

assignment that’s due the next day.


4. On the last day of school, hand

out a surprise final exam.

Tell your students if they flunk it, they’ll

have to attend summer school—and

if they flunk summer school, they’ll

have to repeat the grade.

Tell them you hope they all flunk

because you like them so much and

you wish they could be your students

again next year.


5. Whenever it comes

It comes with a bang

ya, I am here to agree

I have fear of exams


6. Exams are like Girl friends

Too many questions

Difficult to understand

More explanation is needed

Result is always fail!

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