7 Funny Poems for Saying Goodbye to Coworker that is Leaving Work

It is a human nature that he is always finding the better opportunity than he already has and is always thinking ways to progress and in doing so he do many experiments. It is only due to this wish of human beings that they have invented so many things and are continuously inventing more things and making their lives more stable and luxurious. The same is the case with human jobs. They are always trying to find a good job. They tend to find a job that can secure their future and also provide them enough facilities to make future of their children better. When coworkers leave a job then it is his right that everyone in his office or at workplace say him goodbye properly as they have become like a family and are also grieved at losing a family member. Here are few poems for the occasion.



1. May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

May the rain fall soft upon your field

And until we meet again

May God hold you in the palm of his hand


2. Sorry you are leaving, 

We're sad to see you go,

When you feel homesick, 

We're always here you know 


3. Sorry you're leaving, 

your loss will be greatly felt,

but I won't over-exaggerate 

and say my heart will melt! 


4. It's really hard to say goodbye, 

to such a friend and pal, 

with tears in eyes and lump in throat, 

Adios! Au revoir! Farewell!


5. All of us will miss you

And we would like to say

We hope this card brings you good luck

Each and every day


6. So sorry that you're leaving 

This place won't be the same

We'll never forget you err...um...err

Sorry...what's your name?


7. So sorry that you're leaving

You'll be missed ever so much

Good luck in the future

And please stay in touch

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