8 Funny Poems to be Read by Little Kids and Children

It is a tradition of singing rhymes and poems for kids and young children. Usually these poems are read or sung to make them asleep. These poems contain several good messages in them, so if we look at them in this way, these poems are also good lessons for kids. These are the lesson that he will never for whole of his life. Nannies and mamas sing these poems and feel that the kid is equally responding at the words of the poems. Generally these poems talk about the bright future of the kid and that everyone in the universe loves that kid only. Sometime these poems are written or said in funny context and are loved by everyone else. These poems create a fantasy world for young children (if they are able to understand the words). Some of the funny poems are like these written below.


1. My parents sent me to the store

To buy a loaf of bread

I came home with a puppy

And a parakeet instead..


2. I never fret about the pets

Inside my shirt and socks

I love them there but wonder where

They keep their litter box?


3. I haven't got silver by digging the land

Or rubies, you see...

I just have my mom and dad

Yelling at me….


4. Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet

Eating a Big Mac and fries

Along came a spider and sat down beside her

'Yuck', it said, 'I prefer flies'


5. Once, upon a thyme leaf,

There lived a lazy snail,

Who munched and dozed, and dozed and munched,

On thyme he breakfasted and lunched,

And when it came to half past nine,

He chose once more to dine on thyme.


6. A scarf for a giraffe

Would be forty feet long

But how would a giraffe

Know how to put one on?


7. An appointment with the dentist

Who said, 'Now open wide' 

And once he'd prised my jaws apart 

He deftly jumped inside


8. I like tea, and you like coffee

So it was clever of you

To combine the two

And make us a cup of hot toffee

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