10 Funny Poems to Put or Write in Birthday Cards

What event could be more important in a person’s life than its own birthday? Obviously, it is not. The most beautiful thing about birthdays is that we wait for our loved ones; their heartiest wishes for us and of course a beautiful gift from them. Birthday gift does not mean a costly thing always. There is a common saying that” look the feelings behind gift and not its cost at all”. This is no doubt, a true saying. The birthday gift could be a bunch of flowers or even some beautiful wordings. Poetry is the best way to express heartiest feelings for our loved ones. Now, what will be the taste of emotions, if this poetry will be in funny manner? Of course, this is a great idea. Here, you can find a cool collection of funny poems to put or write in birthday cards.



1: Mommy you are sweet

Mommy you are nice

Don't ever leave me

Cause you make the best rice!!!! 


2. Each year your birthday reminds me

That I really want to say

I’m very glad I know you;

I think of you each day. 


3. Mum I love you, 

And so do you, 

So I'll make you happy, 

And you'll feel merry.


4. I hope you enjoy your birthday,

All the pleasures it has in store,

And because I appreciate you,

I hope you have many more!  


5. I really love my mother,

And it surely makes me proud,

To know I’m one of her pesky kids,

And to sing her praises loud.


6. Instead of counting candles,

Or tallying the years,

Contemplate your blessings now,

As your birthday nears.  


7. Mum you are the best, 

And I owe you the rest, 

I make some mess, 

And you make it less, 


8. Another year is a happy gift,

So cut your cake, and say,

"Instead of counting birthdays,

I count blessings every day!" 


9. My mother has a birthday,

Almost every year,

And on that day she’ll ponder life,

And even shed a tear.


10. As a mom you are number one

A parent who is second to none

On your birthday, chores you should shun

For it is time for relaxation and fun

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