Funny Poetry for Elementary Students

Elementary institutions are the source of getting basic education all over the world. These institutions and their quality education decide the future students for whole life. There are lots of examples in every society and every era that reveal this important aspect of life in very clear manner. The mental level of students remain always just in accordance to their level of education. We cannot expect some very intellectual thinking or very wise behavior from elementary student. In fact, I am not going to tell that elementary students do not behave like wise people. I just want to highlight the difference of intellectual ability of students in accordance to their education level. Here is some very funny collection about elementary students. If you want to make your time great and also want to share this funny poetry about elementary students, you can take help from the following cool selection of funny poems.



1. Run chicken run.

The farmers got the gun

The wife has the oven hot

And your the one.

So run and run

So you dont get served with a bun.


2. Friendship is priceless,

And can never be forgotten,

Friendship is timeless,

And never rotten,

It takes more than hugs and kisses

To be a real friend,

the nature of friendship,

Requires a blend.


3. Don’t scratch when I’m petting.

Don’t hiss when we kiss.

Don’t screech when I’m sleeping,

you’ll ruin my bliss.

I like when you snuggle.

I like when you purr.

Especially when

I pet your soft fur.


4. The kids pointed and the kids laughed

at the young man that sat in the back of the class.

The one with his head down

to conceal his lost frown,

the one whose face of confusion

led to all the student's intrusion.


5. In our school we were the shining ‘Stars’,

But later we were pushed behind the ‘Bars’.

We were known by ‘All’,

That was the reason which made our ‘Pride’ fall.


6. A friend is a flashlight in the dark

A rainbow after the storm

The sunshine after a cold, damp day

The glue when you are torn.

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