Funny Shoe Poems

Shoes are one of the key necessities of all human beings just like clothing. Well, we cannot imagine to go out of our homes bare footed, as it will affect our respect in the society. Being the key necessity and one of the most demanding items, shoes are available in various types, designs and colors. Shoe manufacturers take much care of this thing that they should prepare the shoe design by keeping the gender as well as age of wearer in their mind. Moreover, the purpose of wearing shoes also matter very much. For example, the requirements for sports shoe are much different than ordinary shoe. Similarly, fashion shoes are also different in terms of colors and style than common wearing shoes. Many people buy their shoes with their deep interest and spend much time in selection of design and color of shoes. If you also love with your shoes and want to say something good about your shoes, here are some funny poems about shoes.



1. I'd wear my new shoes.

All shiny and red;

And sparkly too;

With thin straps of blue.

I looked on my dresser.

I looked on my chair.

I looked in the closet.

The shoes were not there.

Peered under the bed;

And around the floor;

Yet, I could not see

My new shoes anymore…


2. Flip flops/high tops

roller wheels/high heels

relaxing slippers/swimming flippers

comfy flats/even shoes for dogs and cats.

At the store

theres tons of shoes

it makes it hard

for me to choose

On the floor

are shoes in bins

and upon the shelves

are moccasins.


3. New shoes, new shoes,

Red and pink and blue shoes.

Tell me, what would you choose,

If they'd let us buy?

Buckle shoes, bow shoes,

Pretty pointy-toe shoes,

Strappy, cappy low shoes;

Let's have some to try.


4. 39 shoes....39 shoes

What does that tell you?

What's a gal to do

When she's only got 39 shoes?

Wouldn't you know it

It's the very pair

I wanted to wear.


5. Red shoes out of step in a busy street

Flowers in a field of continental quilt

Soon people stop to look or stare

After all, fashion is a serious affair

Two colors or more will make a flag

But only Red can stand out in a crowd

Without the media luna or a white star

These shoes are claiming freedom out loud.

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