7 Funny Poems to Read or Recite in Class or For a Competition

Remember the golden time of school, when you felt free to talk everything about failure or success. Your sayings were mostly in the form of short poems.  How cool and funny that time was. Now, your child is facing the same period and he also wants to express his feelings of success or competition in the form of poetry. Do you not want to help your child? If it is, then you must find out some funny poems that would be relevant to some competition or your child can sing in front of whole class without any fear. When you will try to search such poems on different sites, you will face a little bit disappointment. The reason is that not all poems would be funny as well as relevant. Here is a cool collection of such funny and beautiful poems that I have collected just for you.



1. You have a friend in me ,

don't try and hide your feelings because your best friend can see.

I mean the world to you,

that's how I know our friendship is true.

we will be besties 4 life .


2. The sense of the world is short,

Long and various the report,

To love and be beloved;

Men and gods have not outlearned it,

And how oft soe'er they've turned it,

'Tis not to be improved.


3. Life Is a Vacation

At birth we started a long vacation

Some vacation becomes too long

Some there duration very brief

Whether long or brief we still vacate


4. Tomorrow tell somebody

How they brighten up your day.

Let random acts of kindness

Put your feelings on display.


5. I shed a tear today silently,

I felt it fall you caught it,

shared it,

held it

felt it,

then suddenly,

it wasn't that big after all.


6. We come from a turbulent past

To an info-age moving way to fast

The fate of these lands

Is now placed in our hands


7. Someone who will make you smile

Someone who will make you laugh

Someone who will listen 

Someone who is there through good and bad times

Someone who gives you a hug when you need.

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