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Kids are the beauty of our world and everything becomes more colorful and enjoyable when we relate it with children. As you know art is the passion of soft-hearted people. Poetry is also a famous branch of art and the soft-hearted people that do this act are called poets. In general, we can say that is a romantic poet, this is a revolutionary poet, this is a political poet etc. However, the one common thing that we can see in the stuff of every poet is the poetry about children. Yes, kids are the most appealing topic and a source of doing beautiful poetry for any poet. It is a useless question that whether you love kids? Of course, every good person likes kids. So, this is the blog for every soft-hearted person that keeps the kids near to its heart. Here I have gathered a few poems about kids that also include some funny stuff for your enjoyment.



1. The Polar Bear is unaware

Of cold that cuts me through:

For why? He has a coat of hair.

I wish I had one too!


2. Oh, dear,

Oh, my gosh,

I hope that no one saw,

I wish that I could laugh,

But maybe someone saw,

Maybe I should hide,

But, ah, whatever,

I'll just pull my trousers up.


3. AWAKE, my pet !

What ! slumbering yet,

When the day's so warm and bright ?

The flowers that wept

Before they slept

O'er the darkness of yesternight,

Have listened long

To the lark's wild song,

And awoke with the morning light.


4. The whale sailed slow beneath the moon,

Its baby by its side,

Crossing oceans three miles deep

And thousands of cold miles wide.


5. The Lion, the Lion, he dwells in the waste,

He has a big head and a very small waist;

But his shoulders are stark, and his jaws they are grim,

And a good little child will not play with him.


6. My horse is there in front of me

Clip-cloppin' down the road.

He stops and flips his tail straight up

And drops another load.


7. ET into the boat and away to the west,

See-saw ! see-saw !

For they've cut down the tree with the poor linnet's nest,

See- saw ! see-saw !

The bulrushes nod and the water-lilies sigh,

See-saw ! see-saw !

And all of us know the sad reason why,

See-saw ! see-saw !


8. The Scorpion is as black as soot,

He dearly loves to bite;

He is a most unpleasant brute

To find in bed, at night.

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