8 Funny Poems to Colleagues Co Workers Bosses Teachers Coaches

Colleagues or co-workers are such persons, who do not only work with us, but also share our happy and sad moments as well. Similarly, we need the help of some one either in financial point of view or some moral support; we find the shoulder of our colleagues especially those who become our fast friends. Bosses, you know, are the strict persons and it is reality that without these persons, no work progress could be imagined. Now, the teachers and coaches are the real kind persons that put maximum influence on our emotions and life style. I mean, all these persons have great influence in our lives and we cannot lead a life without involvement of these persons. Different people have different feelings about these persons and to express these feelings, the best way is not other than poetry. So, read these funny poems and apply on above persons, you will definitely enjoy.


1. I love my teacher

He is full of life

I love my teacher

He doesn't cause any strife


2. For teaching children lessons,

To help them as they grow,

Let this gift remind you,

You're the best teacher we know!



3. I'm not allowed to run the train

The whistle I can't blow

I'm not allowed to say how fast

The railroad train can go

I'm not allowed to shoot off steam

Nor can I clang the bell

But let the dammed train jump the track

And see who catches hell!


4. 'm the boss

You do not cross

The king of my domain

For the day

No work, all play

Is found in my refrain


5. The crazy Bil is 

going to work

he is going to work

he is out there


6. I think I know

What it feels like to slip into a coma.

I am sitting,

My teacher is rambling,

And my senses are going.


I slip




7. Wake, work, home, eat sleep

This cycle keeps on and on

As the time it takes is so long

Wake, work, home, eat sleep


8. Teacher says, 

teacher goes, 

teacher smiles, 

teacher knows, 

what you have done, 

was clearly a mistake, 

maybe it is, 

time for a break.

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