11 Funny Quotes to a Son Daughter Brother Sister

Family is a group of people that live together. These are the people who have blood relationships with each other and are connected to one another in different relations. Like: father, mother, husband, wife etc. Son, daughter, brother or sisters are those family parts without whom the family is incomplete. Daughter is the little princess of father at the same time son is the most beautiful prince charming for the mom. Small funny and naughty things done to a sister from here brother show the love between them. This attribute of a happy family has been discussed in several quotes. At the same time some funny quotes have also been said for the brothers or sisters, son or daughter that are equally applicable but are indeed funny. It is said that people understand the language of comedy more easily than any other language. This is the reason why these quotes can be used to enlighten the advantaged of remaining as a family with elders of the family.



1. I am smiling because you are my brother. I am laughing because there is nothing you can do about it!


2. Nobody can get the truth out of my sister because even I don't know what it is. She keeps me in a constant state of utter confusion.


3. Many an Irish property was increased by the lace of a daughter's petticoat


4. Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.


5. A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.”


6. A friend is a brother who was once a bother


7. Help your brother's boat across, and your own will reach the shore.


8. Many a man wishes he were strong enough to tear a telephone book in half - especially if he has a teenage daughter.


9. A fluent tongue is the only thing a mother don't like her daughter to resemble her in.


10. “Don't wait to make your son a great man - make him a great boy”


11. “Never fret for an only son, the idea of failure will never occur to him.”

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