10 Funny Rhyming Text Messages Received

Mobile phones have removed the distances between people. Everybody is texting at low rates and staying in touch with their friends and loved ones. These text messages are of various types and have lot of diversity. Everybody wants to impress others by sending unique messages, those kinds of messages which are rarely sent by anybody or some unseen text messages which are not commonly sent by people. Everybody want to get attention by sending unique text messages and wishing or greeting in an unusual way. Rhyming messages are a good way to grab attention and to greet someone in a uncommon and unusual way. Rhyming messages are also enjoyed by the receiver and they are also entertained by it. Some of these rhyming text messages are given here which will also entertain the receiver but the sender will also gain a unique identity and lots of attention.



1. Little's the good to sit and grieve

Because the serpent tempted Eve.

Better to wipe your eyes and take

A club and go out and kill a snake


2. A charm invests a face.

Imperfectly beheld.

The lady dare not lift her veil.

For fear it be dispelled.


3. To live of love, it is to know no fear;

No memory of past faults can I recall;

No imprint of my sins remaineth here;

The fire of Love divine effaces all.


4.  not remember whom he kissed,

who caught him by the slender wrist

And bound him by a tender yoke

which, understanding not, he broke.


5. Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all


6. There are many fish in the ocean that swim and swirl

But it's the oyster that turns water into Pearl


7. Ideas numerous, as many drops as the ocean can hold

But it's the person who can turn ideas into gold.


8. Ideas numerous, as many drops as the ocean can hold

But it's the person who can turn ideas into gold


9. Those who are fraud, themselves fried

Those light as cloud, easily glide


10. Tell all my mourners.

To mourn in red.

Cause there ain't no sense.

In my being dead

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