10 Funny SMS in English

Text messages are read and enjoyed in all forms and in all languages. It is obvious that you will enjoy a joke or a text message in the language about which you have some know-how. Text messages in English language are very interesting and funny to read. You may have gone through many of them in your everyday life routine. No matter what is the subject but the primary aim is to make people laugh and enjoy humor in every possible way. A funny sms from a friend or a family member is the most convenient way to show that you want to share your time with them. Here is a collection for you to read and enjoy. These funny sms in English will give you a good laugh.  Sharing these messages can be more fun. You can send these to your family members and to your best buddies to share a good laugh with them and enjoy your time like never before.



1) Today, tomorrow and yesterday there will be .. one heart that would always beat for you .. You know Whose??? .. your Own Stupid!!!


2) Having "WIFE" Is A Part Of Living...
Along With the "WIFE" Is Art Of Living


3) The rain makes all things beautiful.. The grass & flowers 2.. If rain makes all things beautiful why doesn't it rain on you?


4) What is a skeleton?
Skeleton is a person who started dieting but forgot to stop it..!!!


5) VERY... Cute, Gorgeous, Genious, Goodlooking, Intellegent, One in Trillions...I think its enuff abt ME, wht abt U....


6) An engineering student to his sweeper brother: I have got degree, I have got knowledge, I can sit in society. What do you have?
Sweeper: I have the job.


7) When i am not messaging u it does not mean that i have forgotten u, i am just giving u time to MISS ME!!


8) From birth till my death,
my feelings for you have never changed. For me, you’ve always been………..
“A Headache”!


9) The probability of someone watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action.


10) A baby fish asked her mother: Y can't we live on earth?
Mother Fish: Earth is not the place for FISH, it's made for selfish.

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