15 Funny Text Messages Good Night, Good Morning, Good Luck

In this busy world of today men has found many ways to stay in contact with their pals, friends and loved ones. E-mail, chat and text messages are few examples of these efficient ways which man has derived to stay in contact with his worthy relations. The text messages are an important way to tell others that how important they are in the life of the sender. A late night good night good night message by an old friend shows that he remembered you on his way to bed and misses you a lot. A good morning messages tends to explain that you were the first thought that came in the mind of the sender early in the morning and a good luck message by a pal in hard time definitely give u a boost and a never ending energy to face the problem like a man. These small, short priceless text messages show us that we are also important in somebody’s life and here we are going to share few of them.



1. 4 A Nice Frnd Nice Night 

4 A Sweet Frnd Sweet Night 

4 A Loving Frnd Lovly Night 

4 A Heartly Frnd Hertly Night 

4 A Good Frnd "Good Night" 


2. Never, say dreaming is useless,

because life is useless if you can't dream.

Have a nice dream ...

sweet Night ...


3. Let the sweetest person

come to your dreams tonight….

But do not make it a habit

because I am not free every night .

Good night and have a nice dreams !!


4. AThis AIsa a AWaya 

AToa ATella AUa AGuda 

ANighta AIna A ANewa 






Confused ... 

Can't Understand 

Erase 1st n last Letter 

Of Each Word ... ;-> 


5. Sorry Yar 

I Wanted To Greet U Good Morning 

But Walked Too Slow So 

Good Night & 

Sweet Dreems 


6. Beautiful Tomorrow Never Comes,

When It Comes It is Already Today!

In Hunt Of Beautiful Tomorrow,

Lets Not Waste The Wonderful Today.

Good Morning!


7. The sun iz up & shining bright.

Wow, I wish I waz still in bed 2day,

With my eyes r still closed tight!

Have a Gr8 day!!


8. u r a nice friend so nice morning…

u r a sweet friend so sweet morning…

u r a lovely friend so lovely morning…

u r a good friend so Good Morning…


9. One of the joys in life

is waking up each day

with thoughts that somewhere,

Someone cares enough to

send a warm morning greeting!

Good morning and enjoy the day!


10. Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is a mystery.

What about Today?

Today is a gift!.

That is why we call it the present


11. Never say u r happy when u r sad..

Never say u r fine when u r not ok..

Never say u feel good when u feel bad,..

Never say u r alone when i m still alive..

Good luck and best wishes for ever.


12. All of us have bad luck and good luck. The man who persists through the bad luck - who keeps right on going - is the man who is there when the good luck comes - and is ready to receive it. 


13. al da way al da best, may Allah gee bless yu al dat wat yu want, & whch iz best for you remember me in yurz hear & prayerz kep smiling 


14. Luck is like sand in hands.

It'll sneak out through the fingers,

no matter gripped firmly or held loosely.

Only hand in the praying posture can save it!

Wish you good Luck.


15. As you make ur way Through life's many Obstacles... May you always

Leave ur marks.


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