8 Funny Text Messages to Send To Girls, Boys, Ladies and Guys

The young generation is called advanced generation. They are very well facilitated and know a lot about technology. The technology advancement has changed the attitudes of youngsters. They now prefer to spend their time inside their homes sitting on computer or texting their friends.  They like to send unique funny text messages to their friends. They greet their friends and wish them luck on different occasion by sending text messages of different types which are unique as well as heart touching. These text messages show their intensive care and the importance of friends in their hearts. These text messages are a way to show the unsaid care and respect these friends have for each other. These text messages allow them to understand each other in a better way and to communicate with each other in a free environment and to solve the pity disputes among them.



1. Love brought you together as husband and wife, and gave each of you a best friend for life. Happy Anniversary!


2. Man to his short friend:

You know Michal, you so short that your identity card touches on your feet!!


3, There have been many time in 2010

when I may disturbed you

troubled u

irritated u

bugged u



today I just wanna tell you


I plan to continue it in 2011.







5. Boy jumps first.

Girl close her eyes and returned back saying "Love is blind"

Boy in air opens his parachute and says "True love never dies."


6. Voda (F) one

Ai (R) tel

Virg (I) n

Id (E) a

Relia (N) ce

TataIn (D) icom

B (S) NL

Dekha, Friends K Bina Sare Network bekar hai!


7.  always wish you

Happy Days

And the hope that

you ‘ll have many

But still i would like this

Special Day

To be your best of any!..

Eid Mubarak


8. Mom: "Mickey" the clock on the wall is not working, but you have a watch.

What time is it?"

Mickey: "2 o'watch."

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