9 Funny Text Messages Newsflash, Pranks, Questions and Phrases

Sometimes, some funny event happens in the serious course of life which instantly changes our mode and forces us to laugh. These incidents can be anything at any time. This can be a funny text message received in a tensed situation. A funny text can force us to laugh and remove all our tension. It can be a funny news flash which can change our mood and refresh us instantly or it can be a prank played by our colleagues, friends or siblings. A funny question asked during a serious interview or in a grave situation can light up the mood altogether and gives us a new boost. A funny phrase can also remove the worries accumulated in our mind and completely relax us. These funny text messages and pranks make us happy and are an instant source of entertainment and enjoyment. Here are few of them



1. NEWSFLASH.. Police arrested 2 kids yesterday: 1 was drinking battery acid the other was eating fireworks.They charged one and let the one off.

2. Plz open this

after 2 days at saturday.




I know u can't wait.

So Congratz.

U r a 1st FOOL of 2012.

April Fool in Advance


3. What Would Happen If Women Ruled The World?

There Would Be No Wars.

Just A Bunch Of Jealous Countries Not Talking To Each Other... ;->


4. *NEWSFLASH* Police r lookin 4 a suspect whos smart & very gorgeous- they've already eliminated u from the enquiry (where do you think i shood hide?)

5. Sir: What Do U Know About Chemistry?

Student: Hydrogen, Sodium, Helium, Chlorin, Florin, Shirin, Naushin, Farhin, Amrin, Samrin, Afrin, Yasmin, Nasrin... ;-)


6. Fact1: You can not touch

your lower lip with your tounge...

Fact2: After reading this,

99/100 idiots would try it.


7. Which Is The Most Shocking City?



8. SomeOne..


NeeDS U..

Worries About U

Lonely Without U

Guess Who?


... THE ZOO ..

9. If Ur Clock Strikes 13, What Times It Is?

Time To Buy A New Clock ;->

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