Funny Pet Bird Videos

In funny bird videos one cannot stop to laugh when seeing penguins running to catch butterfly. The heavy black and slow moving penguins full of zest running behind the butterfly to catch it are really a humorous situation. The playing pigeons and parrots captured their dances; running and other behavior in these videos are immensely a funny stuff ever available on net. The sparrows showing connecting their heads and seeming to whisper something of importance. Same is the case with animated videos of these birds like parrots; the voice dubbing is producing a funny scene in such videos which are in no way channels of laughter. Birds swallowing hot dogs and kind of stuff, birds playing guitar and similar activities are matter of fun and entertainment associated to these funny bird videos. Birds waking up sleeping animals by pinching them with their peaks and pulling their skin by holding and snatching it with mainly intention of getting them awake.



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