Funny Pokemon Videos in Real Life

Pokémon are animated character of pet and wild animals. They are kept not only in steal cage but also in a ball shape devices. Different people can catch various types of Pokémon at the age of year 10 and the process goes on with the increasing age of the Pokémon holder. They make a team of six Pokémon and do lot of fun with their masters. They battle each other with different trainers. They held a Pokémon tournament every year with full zeal and zest and try to use different attacks like flame thrower, lightning bolt, physics, bubble, laser leaf etc.  To win tournament, the game players required badges from different gyms. They required eight different colours of these badges to compete in this tournament.  For this purpose they used various funny traps to trick the people for collecting different Pokémon e.g. team rocket, aqua, magma and team galactic.



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